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Gym Fitness 

Bored of the same old classes? Want to use the gym? Not sure how to use the equipment? 

Look no further, here at The Strength Factory we have a fully equipped gym fitted with the best training equipment around. Gym Fitness” is a class IN THE GYM, you will work with your coach and will learn the best exercises to lose weight, tone and get stronger. Your confidence in the gym using equipment will be sky high, doing a combination of gym work with cardio/bodyweight exercises gives you a recipe for



Our challenge nights are buzzing!! This Full body circuit class will take you on a mission through conquering all of the stations. With the use of; prowlers, battle ropes, kettle bells, mini team challenges and bodyweight exercises, you and the team will have to push hard to beat the circuit. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this class is for you. With timed stations you work as hard as YOU can to get the best results. We are ready .... ARE YOU ?

Challenge Night

Strongman Training – OR Strongwoman

 A class with a fun twist; flipping tyres, carry beer kegs, fireman’s lift, tug a war.. you get the idea. Strongman training is a great way of losing weight, getting strong and having fun with a great bunch of people all up for taking on the challenge. Are you up for something a little different? Give strongman training a bash!!

Weekend Warrior- 'The Weekend Vibe'

A mix match of the weeks classes combined all into the “WEEKEND WARRIOR” a circuit style based class with a mash up of exercises. Circuit training with an unknown twist until you turn up, could you be on the prowler? Could you be flipping the tyre? Could you be doing an interval on the row machine? Are you ready to step into the unknown and take on the fun challenge?

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