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Like many of us, I was surrounded by sport from a young age. My love of football propelled me through my teenage years until a string of knee surgeries halted my ability to continue playing football at a competitive level. Whilst this, at first, felt like the closing of one door it truly was the opening of another: I became curious about the human body, how it worked and how it recovered. I began to question physiotherapists about my rehabilitation and soon enough, my interest in human anatomy and physiology was born. 
I opted to undertake a degree in Sport and Exercise Science at university to fuel my germinating interest in fitness and it is here that this interest flourished into a passion. Whilst at university, I specialised in human nutrition, cardio-physiology and muscle metabolism. I was able to implement the knowledge gathered from my studies as a Strength and Conditioning Intern for Everton FC where I was able to see research in action. It was during my time with Everton that I realised how much I enjoyed the nutritional element of performance.

Upon finishing my degree, I became a personal trainer at my local gym and here, finally, I was able to combine the plethora of knowledge and experience I had gathered over the years, and help bring real change to people's lives through exercise and nutrition.  Over the last four years I've had the privilege of working with some incredible people from whom I've learnt a great deal. As a trainer, I've developed all facets of my practice to ensure that every client, regardless of their goal, is educated in how to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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Daniel Baldwin - AP3 Trainer

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