Gav Clark

Here at The Strength Factory we have a physio and rehabilitation unit, Gav is our full time sports rehab trainer and with us seeing a vast amount of people injured, tight or having postural issues. It is vital that we have Gav on board to perform his treatment including

Deep tissue massage

Sports massage  

Postural assessments

Injury clinics 

Plus much more

Since a very young age Gav has been competing with a Shotokan Karate club, climbing up the ranks to now coach others. Competing internationally with the GB squad as well as being part of the squad Physio team. He began weight training to initially improve his performance within his sport, which resulted in him competing in his first natural bodybuilding competition. 

Along with his vast experience in the world of Karate, Gav has used his passion and knowledge of strength and conditioning to help his clients attain their goals. 

Gav has studied at Salford University completing a degree in Sport Rehabilitation. His combination of skills as a personal trainer and sports injury specialist give him excellent ability when designing effective training for sport, body composition, injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

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