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Here we go .... my 16 week progression  ✅


Powerlifting to bodybuilding 👊🏻


Been fairly quiet and busy over the last 4 months. 


I've given this everything Ive had 👊🏻


The goal set was to get as close to "stage condition" as possible. 


I have always been a massive "fan" of bodybuilding, love watching vids going to comps as mates are into it, talk bodybuilding all day long, this is where I started off years ago as a teenager before discovering my obsession with powerlifting .... 🏋️‍♀️


So I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Get in condition ✂🎲💥


I did this to have pure control over my mind and emotions that is it !! Discipline !! The ability to control your brain is the key... and I get off on it ! I do what I say I'm going to do !! 


Because Excuses suck‼️


I keep myself to myself, work hard nice and quiet, because it's the shit you don't see day in day out that makes the results. 


This has been a huge change for me, spending the last 6 YEARS in strength sports, trying to get as big and strong as possible at any cost ... body weight included 😂 it worked and I achieved fairly good things in powerlifting ( relatively high ish total ) British titles etc. 


My mind for powerlifting was always the more I eat the stronger I get, and I loved that approach, what ever it took to add more weight on the bar, I did! Eating meant strength to me, meant size, meant power and I ate to suit the sport and that's how it works. 


You adapt your training, nutrition, recovery to match your goals! I would have got bigger and heavier if needed, all or nothing right?  Would I go back to that size? Absolutely if I needed to, if that's what is required to achieve my goals, You get the picture 😂


At the start of year I fancied a change, I wanted to push my work and expand my business but I can't just train for no reason and no goal. 


So I spoke to my bro josh and talked about dieting, loosing some body fat etc I started cleaning things up on my own at first because you have to be ready to stick to a plan, if you stick to it 110% that is. 


From Jan 9th till this day not 1 meal has been off the plan, 7 days a week through birthdays, holidays, weekends, morning until night. 


This isn't anything special by any means just a huge shift in my lifestyle going out to eat 4/5 times a week to eat with no calorie boundaries, and a change in mindset 💭 


"the more I eat the bigger and stronger I will get" food was my power under the bar for powerlifting old school eat more lift more. 🍔=🏋️‍♀️


You have to decide what you are willing to sacrifice for the goal you want it's that simple .... really! But most people don't think that the goal they want requires that much sacrifice, oh it does! I've sacrificed A LOT but I'm an all or nothing kind of guy so this was the only way for me to go as hard as I can and do what I need to do to get the job done. ✅


I have found a huge respect for those guys (and girls) who are into competitive bodybuilding that do this year in year out. 


I worked my arse off 110% compliance day in day out and measurable FACTS and stats don't lie. 


Getting to work extra early and staying after hours to get the job done, what ever it takes. 


Start pic (morning): 118kgs body weight ( 18st 6lbs ) strength and powerlifting main focus. 


End pic (morning): 90kgs ( 14st 1lbs ) fat loss main focus. 


Total loss of : 28kgs (4st 5bs)  61lbs 


Time taken: 16weeks. 


I have loved every min of the process, been mentally tough and had to pull some determination out the bag. And this is what life is about. The process and the challenge.


Big thanks to the lads for the support over last 4 months 


Massive thanks to my bro Josh Mchale for sorting my diet out, results speak for themselves. but only works if you are 110% complaint! Josh was Brutal Straight to the point, honest feedback not blowing smoke up your arse, this is what it's about and even more so when he's my best mate, could easily given me an easy time, but results don't work like that, have to be black and white YOUR compliance dictates your results, no grey areas. 


Don't get a coach and not follow the plan to the exact gram, just FUCKING STUPID! I am a PT and spend a LOT of time into my education to get great results with clients, i spend countless hours learning, but you have make yourself accountable to someone to get the job done. 


Thanks to Gavin Clark big help pushing me in the last few weeks with the training, very selfless! 


Stay tuned for the ... 


#BALDWINCHRONICLES ... this guy has been a pain in my arse but he's been pushing me all the way! No bull shit just solid feedback and some fun along the way! Daniel Baldwin


Finished off with a shoot in London with Simon Howard, see how these turn out 📸


stay tuned for what's next we don't stop 💥



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